New Brunswick Quality Turf

NBQT has developed and produced New Brunswick’s highest quality Nursery Sod for 20+ years. Our standards have translated into a level of service and reliability that our customers count on when planning their landscape projects. CONTINUE READING

Our Products

<img src="kentucky_blue.jpg" alt="Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is our most popular variety of lawn sod">

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is our most popular variety of lawn sod, it is a thriving cool season grass which produces a high-quality lawn with a moderate level of maintenance!

NBQT has been recognized by Granview Farms for growing higher standards in customer service and quality products.


Hamilton’s Landscaping has been dealing with NB Quality Turf for a number of years and we have always been more than pleased with their services…the sod is excellent, and my customers always very pleased with the quality of the product.

Wayne Hamilton- Owner - Hamilton’s Landscaping

Over the years we have built a relationship with NBQT that has made our job of supplying Greater Moncton with sod a pleasure. Thank-you for producing a quality product and standing behind that quality, it has made our job much easier.

Sylvette Legace - Audubon Organics

I have been buying sod from Lori at New Brunswick Quality Turf for 6 years. I switched suppliers when I saw the difference in quality while working on a job site. I appreciate the high level of customer service and will continue to buy the quality of sod I depend on for my jobs.

Mark Dupuis - Greenway Landscaping